Dot Net Nuke and the “Remember Me” option

The DotNetNuke “Remember Me” option on the log in page has always been a bit of mystery because it doesn’t quite do what you would expect it to do.  I expected that when I clicked it on future logins the fields would be filled in automatically and I would just click the login button.  But that’s not what it does and so it never really “appeared” to work.

However, there’s been a fix using the PersistentCookieTimeOut option.  Once set in the web.config the user will be automatically logged in; that is, the login page will be bypassed and the user will be immediately directed to the home page.  To clear this option the user simply does a manual log out instead of just closing the browser.

For some sites this is a problem.  You wouldn’t want this on your banking site, for example.  Someone just has to open your computer, go to the page, and they are in!  However, for other work flows its not so much an issue.  Say you are in and out of the site all day and don’t want to have to keep logging in, but at the end of the day you officially log out.

Here’s the code to make it happen:

In the web.config add the following line to the <appSettings> section

<add key=”PersistentCookieTimeout” value=”20160″ />

Where 20160 is two weeks in minutes, but you can set it to whatever you like.

For more information see this post by Cathal Connolly at DotNetNuke: New Solution to An Old Problem

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