How to Upgrade DNN

I often need to upgrade DNN and I often lose this link, so I decided to put it somewhere I would remember.

To upgrade DNN: DNN Platform Upgrades — DNN Docs (

And if that link ever goes away this is the summary of the steps to upgrade DNN.

Step 1 Prepare

Know your current and desired DNN version, download the appropriate upgrade ZIP packages, check the system requirements and third-party extensions compatibility, and test the upgrade on a non-production environment if possible.

For a suggested upgrade path visit this DNN Platform Suggested Upgrade Path — DNN Docs (

In the web.config, confirm AutoUpgrade is set to false.

Step 2 Take Website Offline

Add an app_offline.htm file to the root of the site to prevent any access or changes to the site by other users.

Step 3 Make a Backup

Backup files and database: Manually copy all files, folders and subfolders to a protected location, and use Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) or other tools to make a database backup.

Step 4 Apply Upgrade Package

Extract the desired upgrade ZIP package to the root of the website or copy the extracted files from a temporary location.

Step 5 Bring website Online

Remove the app_offline.htm file from the root of the site to allow access to the site pages.

Step 6 Initiate upgrade

Go to the install URL (e.g., http://{Domain}/install/install.aspx?mode=upgrade) to start the upgrade process and follow the instructions on the screen.

Step 7 Check for errors

Review the upgrade log file and the event viewer for any errors or warnings that may have occurred during the upgrade.

Step 8 Test

Verify that the site is working as expected, and that all features and functionalities are intact.

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